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Foundation Professional North Carolina

Why is a Foundation Professional Better than DIY?
Professionals are called professionals for a reason, they know what is good or bad for the safety of your home. Their job is to know foundation repair inside and out, and while you might be able to fix the immediate problem, you might only be fixing what can […]

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Crawlspace Repair South Carolina

Damp Crawlspaces Affect Your Health
If you have a lot of rain where you live, your home is likely in danger of having a damp crawlspace. Water around your foundation can put pressure onto the walls of your foundation causing bowing walls, leaning walls, and cracks. Cracks can lead to leaking and water damage in […]

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Foundation Repair Specialist in North Carolina

Foundation Repair Specialist
Foundation repair can be a serious affair in many homes. Usually, homeowners begin realizing their need for a foundation repair specialist to survey their North Carolina home when they experience water problems. A couple may come home after a night out and find water in their basement from the storm, or a […]

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Foundation Repair Contractor in Charlotte

Foundation Repair Contractor Charlotte North Carolina
In a city with roughly 2.4 million people, deciding whether to buy a house or build one can be a stressful activity. When homeowners in Charlotte decide to purchase either new land or a new home, they tend to do so without all the facts. Many go on to […]

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Foundation Repair Charlotte

Foundation repair is a service most homeowners need because of the subtropical and humid climate. With 4 very different seasons, the fluctuations in the temperatures, varying amounts of precipitation and dry spells, foundations tend to start showing signs of damage. The average rainfall in the Charlotte area is approximately 41 inches.  Summer is the wettest […]

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Foundation Repair in North and South Carolina

Foundation repair in North and South Carolina is a commonly needed service because of the varying climates, soil, and natural disasters. North and South Carolina have some distinct weather conditions that would affect foundation issues in both states. Tar Heel Foundation Solutions is your go-to company for foundation repair in North Carolina or foundation repair […]

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