Common Foundation Problems

Many common foundation problems in North Carolina and South Carolina are due to soil problems. Varying soil problems and extreme changes in weather can negatively impact your foundation. Your home’s foundation may crack or the walls may begin to bow or lean. 

Example of a bowing wall

Foundation Settlement a Possible Culprit

When the soil under a foundation weakens, the house begins to settle. While some small degree of settlement it common, if the house settles significantly or unevenly, problems are likely.

The foundation settlement, especially uneven settlement, causes strain on a home’s foundation. Too much strain can begin to cause foundation failure. And foundation failure brings a whole host of problems for your home.

Common Symptoms of Foundation Problems

Foundation cracks

Perhaps the most obvious issue is that the foundation could begin to crack. Cracks in the foundation are both a sign of larger structural issues and a problem in their own right.

These cracks can be an entrance for both water and pests, making repairing the cracks a priority.

Wall Cracks

cracked wall in a house

While some small cracks in concrete are common, others can be a sign of serious foundation issues.

Vertical wall cracks can be a sign of settlement issues, and other serious ones can be a sign of problems with bowing walls.

Always also watch for cracks that are growing in size.

Sloping floors

While there are a number of reasons that floors could slope, from warping wood to a sagging joist, foundation problems are definitely on the list.

If the floor slopes all the way across the room instead of just to the center or if a floor in a newer home is already sloping, it could be a sign of foundation failure and should be examined.

damaged chimney, leaning chimney

Leaning Chimney

Along with being a sign of underlying foundation issues, a leaning chimney is a hazard in its own right. As a home settles unevenly, the chimney might get left behind, causing it to tilt.

If it falls, it could end up damaging both the roof and anything or anyone on the ground below.

Brick and Mortar Problems

Much like wall cracks, some cracking with bricks is common. Others, however, are signs of serious issues that demand repair.

Stair-step cracks and signs of bulging are two of the types of damage to watch for with brick walls.

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