Rhino Carbon Fiber Wall Repair Services in the Charlotte Area

It’s Time to Fix Those Bowing Walls

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Another repair option that we offer is the installation of carbon fiber supports from Rhino® Carbon Fiber. These supports are a great option if the foundation walls in your North or South Carolina home have started to bow or bulge inward. They help to counteract soil pressure and stabilize your wall, making it stronger at the same time.

The carbon fiber supports from Rhino are woven strips of carbon fiber that are applied to the interior of basement walls. Because this material is extremely durable and will not stretch, it is a great choice for strengthening weak or cracked basement walls. The carbon fiber is also lightweight and relatively simple to install. The strips are essentially held taut and glued to the basement walls to seal cracks, prevent bowing and leaning, and straighten them out.

Advantages of Using Carbon Fiber for Wall Repair


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You might be wondering how strength can be listed as a strength for a thin, woven material that comes in rolls.

That’s because while carbon fiber has minimal compressive strength, its tensile strength is in some ways greater than steel.

In layman’s terms, it is almost impossible to stretch. And that tensile strength is what is important in bowing wall repair. While the hydrostatic pressure in the ground outside might be enough to get cause cracks in the block wall and get it to bow, the tensile strength of the carbon stabilizes the wall and prevents further bowing.


Carbon fiber strips are probably the lowest impact bowing wall repair available.

Unless the wall has bowed so far that it must first be straightened, there is no need to excavate anywhere on the exterior of the house. All repairs take place in the basement. The most invasive part of the installation is grinding down the portion of the wall where each strip will be applied.

Repairs Easily Hidden

If you have an unfinished basement that is basically used for storage, you might be fine with the wall repair remaining in view.

If your basement is finished, however, you will appreciate that carbon fiber strips are the easiest wall repair method to hide. They can be painted over. They can be drywalled over. You can eliminate the structural problems with your wall (and the cracks that can let water in) without the repair becoming an eyesore.

Steps to Install Rhino Carbon Fiber in NC Homes

There are several steps that the foundation repair team at Tar Heel Foundation Solutions takes to ensure that the carbon fiber supports are properly installed in your home:

  1. First, the team will look at the issues you are having and determine the best product and placement solutions for your home.
  2. Next, the area where the strip will be applied is ground to expose the bare block of the foundation. This helps the strip adhere properly.
  3. After the surface is prepared, our teams carefully mark out the area and drill holes in the wall and floor to mount the carbon fiber supports.
  4. Once all the holes have been drilled, the installers will attach the carbon fiber to the wall. This is done using brackets that fit into the holes drilled and epoxy to seal the carbon fiber in place on the wall and attach it to the brackets.
  5. Lastly, the carbon fiber is anchored into the hole on the floor to secure the strip for a more effective repair.

These are the steps that we take to make sure that the carbon fiber supports are installed correctly in your home. Contact us right away to learn more about carbon fiber products from Rhino and how they can be used to fix the shifting foundation and bowing or leaning foundation wall issues in your North Carolina home.

Need Bowing Wall Repair in the Charlotte Area? Consider Carbon Fiber Through Tar Heel

If you notice that your basement walls have started to bow and lean inward and/or develop cracks, we can help with carbon fiber from Rhino. Whether the foundation problem is caused by excess moisture in the ground building up the hydrostatic pressure in the soil, tree roots pushing on the foundation, or any other cause of foundation problem, our carbon fiber installation can help support the foundation walls and prevent any further damage from occurring in your North Carolina home.

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