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Our company is a full-service North Carolina foundation repair team that utilizes quality products and effective solutions for structural issues. Whether you have a foundation repair problem or need new construction pilings, contact Tar Heel for your Charlotte foundation repair options.

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Foundation Repair Contractor Serving the Greater Charlotte Area

Tar Heel Foundations Solutions of Charlotte offers a variety of foundation repair solutions for homes and buildings in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding area. Our company is a full-service North Carolina foundation repair team that utilizes quality products and effective solutions for structural issues. We have been providing reliable foundation repair service to the Charlotte area for many years. Whether you have a foundation repair problem, require crawl space repairs, or need new construction pilings, contact Tar Heel for your foundation repair options.

Living in Charlotte, NC, many homes experience cracked foundations or cracked walls due to expansive red clay soil. Heavy rainfalls in cause the soil to expand. This stresses the basement walls and leads to foundation settlement. At Tar Heel, we can assess your home for foundation damage and provide the best foundation repair options. We take pride in all of the Earth Contact Products foundation repair products and systems that we offer.

Give us a call today at 803-246-5480. We know what is important to you and take pride in providing the highest quality service available. Our foundation contractors have the experience and expertise in all types of residential and commercial construction in the Charlotte area. Make Tar Heel Foundation Solutions your foundation repair experts!

Types of Foundation Repair Services We Offer

Foundation repair project

We proudly service North and South Carolina foundations. From the Charlotte area to Columbia, S.C., we can repair and maintain your foundation and structural elements.

Construction Foundation Piers

Construction piers are used to support and strengthen the foundation. They include helical piers, boardwalk foundation, and light pole foundations. LEARN MORE ABOUT FOUNDATION PIERS

Home Foundation Repair

Foundation failure affects homes that are old or new, but older homes tend to show obvious signs of foundation settlement. Every homeowner should know the causes of foundation failure before it is too late.  LEARN MORE ABOUT FOUNDATION FAILURE

Commercial Piling

At Tar Heels, we offer commercial piling for state and federal government buildings throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. We will support, stabilize and strengthen your faulty foundation. Our skilled contractors use tiebacks, helical soil nails, underpinning and soil nails for commercial piling solutions. Do you have bowing, cracked or leaning walls? Our underpinning techniques are used to support cracked, bowed and leaning walls. We can stabilize foundation slopes and retaining walls by using repair methods for all types of soil.  LEARN MORE ABOUT SOIL REMEDIATION

Crawl Space Services We Offer

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Many crawl space problems can by traced back to one thing: moisture. It can rot wood, spur mold growth, and help create openings for pests to enter. Crawl space encapsulation treats the cause, rather than just the symptoms. As part of the encapsulation, we install a vapor barrier around your crawl space to keep the moisture out. Vapor barriers are an important part of any crawl space waterproofing plan. LEARN MORE ABOUT CRAWL SPACE ENCAPSULATION

Crawl Space Repair

Sometimes, be it caused by moisture or other issues, crawl spaces get damaged enough that they need more than just encapsulation to prevent future damage. They need repairs to fix the damage already done. At Tar Heel, we are experienced using either crawl space jacks or piers made from cinder blocks to add support to weakened, sagging floors above the crawl space. If the damage to the floor joists is too bad, we will also replace them to ensure your home’s stability. READ MORE ABOUT CRAWL SPACE REPAIR


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    Charlotte, NC isn’t the only area we serve – we also offer extended services to homeowners in the Greater Columbia, South Carolina area. If you live in South Carolina and are in need of foundation repair, do not hesitate to contact Tar Heel Foundation Solutions. Visit our service area page to see where we can help you out.

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