Soil Remediation for Foundation Repair

houseWhat is Soil Remediation? When Should You Get It?

Soil remediation is the process used to purify and revitalize the soil. It is common for an area to undergo multiple clean-up operations to address multiple contaminants. In the future, new methods currently in development will be used to reclaim contaminated soil, leading to cleaner air and water and a safer place for all.

How Does Soil Get Contaminated?

Contaminated soil is usually caused by the presence of man-made chemicals or various other alterations in the natural environment of the soil. This often occurs because of industrial activity and projects, agricultural chemicals, or the incorrect disposal of various waste products. Sites that contain contaminated soil are much more common than you may think. If an issue with contaminants in the soil around your home is discovered, a foundation professional from Tar Heel Foundation Solutions should be brought in to fix the problem immediately.

Contaminated soil can pose a threat to people in a few different ways:

  • Come in direct contact with the contaminated soil
  • Inhale the soil and contaminants
  • Ingest groundwater (such as well water)

Coming into contact with contaminated soil can lead to serious health issues, including death.

Excavation and dredging are commonly used by foundation professionals. This process works by extracting the contaminated soil that is considered unrecoverable and transporting it to a landfill dedicated to this purpose. Then, the areas where the soil was extracted are filled with purified soil. Another method of soil remediation that is popular is the pump and treat method. This is accomplished by removing contaminated groundwater, and then purifying it by various methods. During this time, the soil is often removed and purified of any contaminants that it may contain before being returned to its original position. Once this is done, the clean water is pumped back into the soil.

Benefits of Soil Remediation

Soil remediation has numerous benefits to property owners. It makes the area a safe place to construct either residential or commercial buildings and structures. It is also a great way to significantly increase the value of your property. But above all, soil remediation will eliminate any risk of health hazards to you or your family. The foundation professional experts at Tar Heel Foundation Solutions can provide you with soil remediation services to help keep you, your home, and your family safe and healthy. Contact us today for a variety of soil remediation services.

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