Helical Anchors: What are They and What Do They Do?

When you consider a sinking foundation or a bowing wall in your foundation, it is a frightening thought. Foundation settlement is scary for a home or business owner. If you are currently in this position, or think that you may be, you may have already heard the term “earth anchors”, also known as helical anchor but you may not understand what they are, and how they can help solve your problem. So what are helical anchors and what do they do?

Helical Anchors Resolve Foundation Settlement Issues

When you have a foundation that is shifting and settling, you may immediately be concerned that you will need excavating and even major construction. Earth anchors (also called helical anchors) are an efficient and economical way to repair most cracked and bowing walls. This effective solution can be used to reinforce your walls and return functionality, which provides stability to your home.

During the installation process, one end of the earth anchor is placed securely deep into stable soil around you foundation. On the inside of the home or business’s foundation a steel wall plate on the other side of the anchor is attached to hold it in place. This creates an anchor system returning your foundation walls to nearly it original state.

Foundation Repair Solutions from Tar Heel

The team at Tar Heel Foundation Solutions are structural contractors that have the professional skills and experience to resolve your foundation issues including settling, foundation cracks, and bowing walls. The best way to get started is by having your foundation inspected. Upon inspection, we can provide you with recommendations, including if earth anchors are the correct solution for you. Get started today! Contact Tar Heel Foundation Solutions for your inspection and quote.

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