Foundation Underpinning Solutions

Tar Heel Foundation Solutions will work to repair foundation damage caused by a sinking foundation. We offer permanent foundation underpinning solutions that stand the test of time.

Determining If Underpinning Is Right For Your Foundation

Foundation Inspection

Before we can be confident that underpinning is the right solution for your problems, we will want to conduct a foundation inspection. During an inspection we will look for common signs of settlement and other foundation-related problems.

Certain types of cracks, crack orientations, and crack locations will tell us a lot about how your foundation is settling. Foundation underpinning has been proven to be successful for certain types of soil movement, so we want to be sure this is the right method for the problems you are experiencing.

What Goes Into the Foundation Underpinning Process?

Foundation Prep & Repair

Once we can determine that helical piers are going to be the best solution for your home (or building), we will schedule repairs. Installing helical piers is a non-invasive foundation repair method.

To install helical piers, we will dig out the area around your foundation in the specified installation areas. These areas will be determined by the support your foundation needs to prevent further movement.

Once your foundation is exposed, we can begin installing the piers. Helical piers are driven into the ground near your foundation, similar to how a screw works. We use small excavation equipment to do this so there is little to no damage to your landscaping. Once the piers reach optimal depth where there is no longer any soil movement, we can then transfer the weight of your structure onto the piers for ultimate support.

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