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Many Charlotte Homes Experience Cracked Foundations

Many homes in Charlotte, North Carolina experience cracked foundations or cracked walls. This is due to the expansive soil in our area. Expansive soil is soil that is rich in heavy clay substances. This type of soil is prone to a few different things that can affect the foundation of your home.

cracked foundation in charlotte
Pictured above is an example of a vertical foundation crack on a home in Charlotte, NC.

Heavy rainfall causes soil to expand.

Whenever there is a heavy rainfall, or multiple days of rain, the excess moisture in the soil causes the soil to expand. When the soil expands, it loosens and weakens the strength and integrity of the soil. For comparison, when you over-water potted plants, the soil becomes saturated with water. When the soil is over-saturated, the soil expands and becomes very loose, making it easy for soil to move and be displaced. The same thing happens to the soil beneath your foundation.

Periods of drought in Charlotte cause soil to shrink and crack.

The opposite happens in periods of drought or excessive heat. In the hot summer months the soil loses moisture quickly. When there isn’t enough water in the soil to keep it moist, expansive soils shrink, and as a result, crack. Cracks in the soil can seem harmless, however, they can lead to serious foundation problems. When the soil cracks beneath your home’s foundation, your foundation can fall or sink into the crevices. If this happens slowly over time, you might notice sloping floors, small cracks in your walls, and sticking windows or doors. On the other hand, if this happens suddenly, you may have a more serious issue on your hands.

If you experience sudden cracks to your foundation, they should be inspected by a professional.

Any sudden changes to your foundation should be inspected by a professional foundation engineer or contractor. Should your foundation suddenly crack, or you notice sloping floors, the soil your home is sitting on may be compromised.

Many Charlotte homes experience cracked foundations.

Although foundation issues are never fun to experience as a homeowner, we deal with cracked foundations on a daily basis. Many homes in Charlotte and surrounding areas experience cracked foundations. We are professional foundation repair contractors and we have seen just about everything when it comes to foundations. We’re confident that there’s not much out there that we can’t fix. Whether your home needs push piers, or helical tiebacks, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve experienced a cracked foundation in the Charlotte area, give us a call. We’ll come up with a plan to get your home back to square one.

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