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Slab Repair with Piers in North Carolina

slab pierOver time, just like anything else in life, the slab that your home was built on, takes a lot of wear and tear from daily elements. If you are beginning to notice cracks and shifting in your slab, and it is beginning to give way, then it is time to call the structural contractors of North Carolina- Tar Heel Foundation Solutions. We will come out and take a look at your home and get started making repairs so that you will have the peace of mind knowing that your home will not be going anywhere while you sleep!

Slab Pier Installation in Charlotte NC

Installing Earth Contact Products (ECP) helical slab brackets is the most economical repair for this issue. They will give your home the stability it needs and it will give you, the homeowner, the reassurance that your foundation can withhold any new load that is put on it. Helical slab brackets are used to lift the slab and can be used mechanically or hydraulically. Helical slab brackets work in the same way as do underpinning brackets when installed as support for the footing of a foundation. They may be used in two ways, on either a poured grade or floating slab. It supports loads that are dead or live and imposed in the structure due to the nature of the geometric pattern that it is poured. After the anchor or pile is installed, the helical brackets are installed through the slab. These brackets have become the preferred method of contractors and engineers. The helical slab brackets have a load capacity to meet the needs of any home. They range from 8 kips to 40 kips.

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