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Understanding Foundation Cracks

As a homeowner, any slight crack in your foundation might be enough to send you running for the hills. However, before you put those running shoes on, know that there are many types of foundation cracks that are actually normal! Understanding the different types of foundation cracks will help you decide when you need call a professional. We’ll walk you through different types of cracks, why they happen, and how you need to move forward.

Settlement cracks are usually vertical, and generally aren’t a structural problem.

Some cracking from settling is normal, and to be expected, especially in new construction homes. Settlement cracks will likely appear within the first few years of the home being built due to concrete drying and shrinking. As long as these cracks don’t grow longer or wider over time, you shouldn’t have any structural problems. The only action you might want to take for this type of crack is getting your basement waterproofed. Any void in concrete will allow water to seep through at some point.

Differential settling causes diagonal cracks, which can happen at any time.

Whether your home is new or older, this type of settling happens due to changes in the ground conditions underneath the footings. Diagonal cracks will usually have one end that is wider than the other. If you notice diagonal cracks, you will want to get those repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Horizontal cracks are structurally damaging and need to be repaired immediately.

A horizontal crack in the foundation is cause for concern. Cracks in this orientation are a sign that your foundation is failing. Because the foundation can no longer withstand the pressure and weight of the structure, it begins to bow inward.

We hope this quick guide was helpful in aiding your understanding of foundation cracks. Not all cracks in concrete are always an emergency, but they should always be taken seriously. Should you need any foundation cracks repaired, you can contact us anytime. Our company is a full-service North Carolina foundation repair team that utilizes quality products made in the USA.

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