Solutions for Foundation Crack Repair

Cracks in your foundation may, or may not mean that you have a foundation problem. With that in mind, however, cracks that indicate a foundation issue are one of the first signs that you may encounter that mean repairs may be needed. Water can enter your home from a crack no wider than 1/6″ and over time, smaller cracks can become larger ones, and this can lead to failing foundations. Foundation repair is NOT a DIY project, so a foundation inspection by a structural contractor like Tar Heel Foundation Solutions is your first step on the road to foundation crack repair.

This is an example of a wall that requires foundation crack repair. Water is seeping in through the cracks in this basement wall.
Example of water coming in through wall cracks in a basement.

Foundation Crack Repair Using Pressure Grouting

There are more than one solution for foundation crack repair. One such solution that may be right for you is pressure grouting. Once your foundation repair specialist completes your inspection this method may be recommended.

Your foundation repair specialist will inject grout into pre-drilled holes in your foundation to strengthen it, eliminate cracks, and remove the risk of water entering in through the crack. Foundation problems including wall cracks or floor cracks, bowed walls, and water leakage can all be remedied using this method.

Additional Remedies

If you have a bowing or leaning wall coupled with foundation cracks, then there are additional solutions that may be utilized to comprehensively solve the problem. Helical tiebacks can be installed to bring a bowing wall to its original upright position. In addition, Rhino Carbon Fiber can be installed connecting the foundation floor to the walls to repair a bowing and cracked wall. Depending on the cause of your foundation cracks and bowing wall, your foundation repair contractor will explain the best option(s) for you.

This wall has both bowing, as well as foundation cracks that need repairs.
Example of a bowing wall with some cracks.

Tar Heel is Your Trusted Structural Contractor for Cracked Foundation Repair

If you need a contractor that you can trust, turn to Tar Heel Foundation Solutions for your cracked foundation repair needs. It would be a privilege to inspect your foundation and offer solutions to repair your exact needs. We have been serving the Charlotte, NC and surrounding area since 2004, and love to help you with your home or business. Contact us today to get started with an estimate and to schedule an inspection!

To learn more about Tar Heel Foundation Solutions, you can watch informative videos on our YouTube channel.

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