Foundation Issues & Repair in North Carolina

steel push piersIn North Carolina, we specialize in foundation repair and new construction pilings along with commercial deep foundation construction. Tar Heel Foundation Solutions take pride in knowing that we are number one in foundation repair services. We offer cost-effective and reliable service to many of the major cities.

Charlotte customers rely on us for all of their crawl space and pressure grouting needs. We provide reliable and timely service for helical piers and new construction to our clients in Concord and the surrounding areas. Winston-Salem residents know who to call when they need service whether it be residential or commercial properties. If you live in the Charlotte area, be sure to call Tar Heel Foundation Solutions next time you have a foundation issue.

Our company is dedicated to quality, professionalism, flexibility, and affordability in North Carolina. Certified field installers, structural and geotechnical engineers, and project managers make up our team. We want to provide the best solution to fit your needs. Our employees are active in our communities, friendly, and caring. We value our reputation because it comes from our most important concern: you.

Causes of Foundation Problems in North Carolina

Both nature and man can contribute to foundation issues. While we can’t stop nature, we can limit the man-made problems. Do not worry about the problems nature causes, either. We can treat them with our professional staff and products. Ground preparation is extremely important in building new homes. It must be properly graded so that water runs away from your foundation. The soil must also be fully compacted. If this isn’t done correctly, unexpected soil movement can occur. Poor drainage and plumbing leaks can both cause foundation issues. The moisture build-up puts extra pressure on your foundation.

The weather itself can bring up some potential problems for homes. Extra wet and extra dry conditions can both be issues. Hot, dry conditions cause the soil to pull away from your home, causing foundation settlement. When the ground around your home becomes overly saturated, it can put pressure on your foundation, causing cracks. Poor soil conditions can cause issues. Tree roots can grow beneath your home and dehydrate the soil. All of these various conditions can cause problems for foundations. While some can be avoided to begin with, they can all be fixed with our professional foundation repair services.

Signs of Foundation Problems

foundation repairWhile different signs can mean different problems, there are a few key signs that your home requires foundation repair. Keep your eyes peeled for cracks. These can appear in your floors, walls, and ceilings, and can mean all sorts of issues. Bowing or leaning walls and uneven floors are another sign. Watch for leaning chimneys and misaligned doors and windows. If water is pooling around your foundation, you might need foundation repair services.

Do you notice cracks in your foundation? We offer pressure grouting, helical tiebacks, and many other foundation supports and repairs from ECP, the very best provider of foundation repair products. If you notice bowing walls or wall cracks, these are also signs that you may need foundation repair. We even offer brick repair to fix the brick foundation and walls in your home. We also handle commercial and government piling projects in North Carolina.

Why Choose Tar Heel Foundation Solutions?

We know that there are other foundation repair companies out there, so why should you choose us? Here are a few reasons:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • We Live and Work in Your Community
  • American Made ECP Tools and Products
  • Free Estimates
  • Clear and Thorough Communication
  • Affordable Financing Offered
  • Reliable and Long-Lasting Results

From boardwalk piling to commercial foundation repair, we have the solutions to fit your needs as well.

Tar Heel Foundation Solutions does repair work for both federal and state jobs, DOT work including tiebacks and soil nails, retaining walls, and boardwalk foundations. No job is too big to handle or too small to care. Our team of professionals can find the solution to whatever your foundation needs are in North Carolina.

Please contact us if you are located outside our immediate service area and are looking for a foundation repair company North Carolina prefers. We cover much of the state of North Carolina. We will be happy to discuss your issues and set up a time for one of our highly trained professionals to come out and give you an estimate. Tar Heel Foundation Solutions is your top-notch repair company in the state and surrounding areas.

Give us a call today and let’s get started getting your home back to where it started. Remember the specialists of foundation repair – Tar Heel Foundation Solutions.

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