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South Carolina Slab Repair Options

When the weather changes, many times people will begin to experience problems with their foundation slab. Do you notice that there is shifting, settlement? Or do you see that there are cracks and maybe see water coming into your home? Perhaps it’s not due to the weather at all. Maybe you’ve been having problems with […]

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Foundation Repair Basics: Helical Piers vs. Push Piers

Have you looked around your home lately and noticed that there are crack in the foundation, the walls, or by windows and doors? Are windows and doors in your home sticking? Do you have sloped flooring or a stoop that is pulling away from the home? You may have foundation problems. There are many different […]

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Sticking Doors and Windows This Winter

We are beginning to get into the winter season in South Carolina. While South Carolina does not see much snow, it does see the effects of frost and reaches some lower temperatures throughout the winter. This means that you may be wondering if your sticking doors and windows are due to the change in weather. […]

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Hurricane Florence Clean Up

Hurricane Florence is currently hitting North Carolina, and that means many homes will be damaged and flooded. Some may even be swept away. When it’s time for cleanup, it’s time to contact Tar Heel Foundation Solutions. We will help you get your home back into shape, safe, and comfortable for your family. How can we […]

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Wall Crack Repair Causes

It’s the summer season, and while many of us are spending a lot of time outside, some of us prefer the cooler temperatures indoors. A long afternoon lounging on the couch watching TV might lead you to notice cracks in the wall. They might be small, diagonal, spiderwebbed, or some other combination. However, in most […]

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North Carolina Slab Repair Solutions

Many homes in North Carolina are built on slabs, and that’s because in more southern areas we usually can’t have crawl spaces or basements because they will flood or leak repeatedly. The ground is too soft and there’s too much rain and building a basement or crawl space just isn’t worth it. Therefore, most homes […]

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Pressure Grouting: What is it?

So you’re having water problems due to spring storms? If you see large cracks in your walls or foundation, they need to be addressed as soon as possible as they could be the root of the issue. Pressure grouting is a great solution to waterproofing problems that you may be having around your home due […]

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