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Winter Weather Woes

Your home is meant to shield you from the elements, give you a place to kick your feet up, and provide you a space to create a lifetime of lasting memories. But what protects your home from the winter elements? Cold weather can be very unfriendly to your home and its foundation. Even the most […]

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Give the Heave-Ho to Frost Heave

During the summer months, it’s nice to have ice for your drink, but during the winter, that ice can turn into a destructive force for your foundation. During the winter months, the water that is normally below ground can turn to ice and expand. That expansion can cause your basement or foundation slab to buckle […]

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Winter is here! Is your home’s foundation safe?

If you’re a homeowner living where the weather is freezing, a cracked concrete foundation can result in leaks, wall cracks, and other structural damage. Uncovered foundations that are exposed to the air can freeze the ground several feet, causing frost heave under pavements, homes, and buildings. The results are destructive structures and serious foundation […]

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Stabilizing After Hurricane Dorian

Even though the Charlotte area was spared from the brunt of Hurricane Dorian, the storm still managed to wreak havoc across the region. High winds and drenching rain combined to weaken structures and damage others. Contractors throughout the Carolinas are busy repairing buildings, helping people get back normal.
Homes and businesses throughout Charlotte and the […]

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How Wet Weather Affects your Foundation

The northeast coast has been getting lots of storms and rain recently and this wet weather can mean problems for your foundation. Wet soil can move, shift, and erode, which could mean that your foundation may move, shift, and settle. Your foundation sits on the soil. That soil, when it becomes saturated, expands and puts […]

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What Type of Foundation Does Your Home Have?

Understanding the Type of Foundation You Have Can Help You Protect It.
Have you ever wondered what type of foundation your home has? Maybe you have been asked by a contractor when setting up a free estimate. Maybe you’re trying a D.I.Y. fix (which we do not recommend because you might be covering up the real problem!). […]

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South Carolina Slab Repair Options

When the weather changes, many times people will begin to experience problems with their foundation slab. Do you notice that there is shifting, settlement? Or do you see that there are cracks and maybe see water coming into your home? Perhaps it’s not due to the weather at all. Maybe you’ve been having problems with […]

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