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How to Repair a Cracked Foundation

Cracks in your foundation may, or may not mean that you have a foundation problem. With that in mind, however, cracks that indicate a foundation issue are one of the first signs that you may encounter that mean repairs may be needed. Water can enter your home from a crack […]

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Earth Anchors: What are They and What Do They Do?

When you consider a sinking foundation or a bowing wall in your foundation, it is a frightening thought. Foundation settlement is scary for a home or business owner. If you are currently in this position, or think that you may be, you may have already heard the term “earth anchors” but you may not […]

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Light Pole Foundations: Ideal Anchoring That Lasts

Featuring ECP Helical Light Pole Support Anchors

Street lights, Parking lot lights and all other light poles are large, awkward, and heavy. What that calls for are light pole foundations that last, and that also hold fast and long. That is why the anchoring professionals at Tar […]

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Steel Push Piers: Foundation Supports for North Carolina Homes

Tar Heel Foundation Solutions Has You Covered for Your Foundation Stabilization Needs

Do you suspect that your foundation is settling? Have you noticed symptoms such as sloping floors, cracks in your foundation, cracks above window and door frames, and sticking doors and windows? If so, we understand that you are more […]

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Slab Repair Solutions

Tar Heel Foundation Solutions Helps North and South Carolina

Helical slab brackets can secure your concrete slab.

Are you experiencing cracks in your concrete slab at home? If you are becoming concerned about your slab, and reside in North or South Carolina, Tar Heel Foundation Solutions provides slab […]

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Sloping Floor Repair: Should You Be Worried?

Sloping Floors May Be a Sign of Foundation Problems

You started to notice it subtle at first, but now you are sure: You have sloping floors in your home. It is very natural to be concerned. When should your concern turn to worry…and action? Certain symptoms coupled with sloping floors should […]

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Bowing Basement Walls? Check out Rhino Carbon Fiber

Strengthen and Reinforce Bowing Basement Walls

Do you have a bowing basement wall? You may want to know why this is happening, and you most likely are very concerned about it. One solution that is available to solve your bowing wall problem is Rhino Carbon Fiber™. This amazing product may […]

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